My name is Lucila, I have eighteen years old, and i'm Argentinian.
Well, im Captain Swan shipper, but i ship other's couples. I reblog a lot, and i do creations sometimes. Sorry for my BAD english :c


are u picking up what i’m putting down

i’m not saying new main couple i’m just saying new main couple

captain swan + killian jones being obsessed with emma swan’s hair (◡‿◡✿)

Killian Jones gets a new wardrobe (4/?)


Colin and Josh being dorks.



My walls were up. But you brought them down...

Colin meeting fans on July 16th, 2014.

Sea of Lovers - Christina Perri


So, since the first time I listened this song I realized that it’s PERFECT for Captain Swan!

AND, btw, Christina Perri is a oncer and CS ship AND she agrees with me! :D


"In the sea of lovers without ships
A lover’s without size, you’re the only way out of it
A sea of lovers losing time
A lover’s losing hope, will you let me follow you?
Wherever you go, bring me home”



Josh, this is not a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated..

shhhhhh don’t tell him that he wants to look cool in front of colin


"I’m sexy and I know it" 

Taken July 17 2014

Part #9:

We’re Under Attack full vid: